For decades, Randy "Boone" Stanton was winning cook-offs in every conceivable BBQ competition category. Whether it was beans, bird, or brisket, his secret blend of seasonings was his trademark and his collection of trophies was his proof.

This pitmaster had mastered a seasoning blend that could win championships! After years of folks practically begging for his secret, he finally agreed to bottle it. Boone's legacy for quality spices and award-winning BBQ and food is still going strong today.

"Luckily for Victorians such as myself, Boone's Texas Shake is sold at eight convenient locations, including Cimarron Junction; you also can buy it on the website.

And they are just getting started!

Standing next to a smoking pit while the chef flips fajitas is not where I usually find myself at parties, but today was definitely different.

The pitmaster this day was Chavez Rivera and around Burning Tree neighborhood in Victoria, he is especially famous for his backyard BBQs and as any self-respecting pitmaster should tell you, he had seasoned the fajitas with Boone's Texas Shake.

Instead of lounging in the pool or even in the air conditioning, folks were crowding around the pit in the hopes that Chavez would cut them another slice of fajita meat, practically the second he pulled them off the grill!

I was so blown away by seasoning on the fajitas I hadn't gone back to the party either.

I wanted to know what his secret was and where I could get it!

It was Boone's Texas Shake!

I'm here to tell you Boone's Texas Shake is AWESOME and as a FOODIE and a self-proclaimed BBQ tasting aficionado, I've NEVER had better. Seriously, Boone's Texas Shake is THAT good. There is a reason this seasoning has won competition after competition! People are crowding around pits to get to it! And here is the thing: it's perfect for EVERYTHING.

Now that we have our very own bottle of Boone's, my husband and I have used it on fajitas, steak, chicken, pork, and every vegetable under the sun! I've even poured it on popcorn for a savory snack. My friends and I even use on the rims of our Bloody Mary glasses! Yes, we have even toasted to Boone's Texas Shake. It makes everything delicious!

Check out Boone's Texas Shake online at or on Facebook here. It's going to be your go-to seasoning too!" - Ingra Lee

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