As most of you know I am your morning DJ during the week, but what some of you don't know is I am a private  DJ on the weekend.  This past weekend I had the pleasure of providing DJ services for the Bloomington Bobcats Homecoming!  As many of you know that Bloomington is a small school located in Victoria County, but is it's own school districat (BISD).  I was told this was the biggest turnout for any dance the school has had in the recent past.  So many kids showed up that were not expected they had to set out three new tables and add about another 30 chairs towards the back of the gym.  The dance floor was full all night long, and we even had a couple of dance-offs.  This was a mixture of eclectic music taste from George Strait,Sam Hunt,Massore,Siggno, and of course they "Hit The Quan," at one point we took it back to the mid 90s.  What I liked about this school dance was there was less kids on their phones and more kids on the dance floor!  The Bobcats definitely raised the roof up this past Saturday night!