This Christmas season, many people wonder how they can help people in their community have a great Christmas and we at Bethany Senior Living want to remind everyone to not forget about our seniors!

We love there are many programs to help children have a great Christmas and we want to encourage people in the same way to help our seniors as well!

As a facility, we do make sure our residents know they are thought of in this time by giving each resident Christmas gifts, having fun holiday parties, and providing fun daily activities like drinking hot chocolate while listening to Christmas music, but it means even more to receive a gift coming from someone in the community!

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So maybe you are thinking that sounds like something you, your family, or even your company would like to do but don’t know where to start.

Well, buying for seniors is really very simple! They love blankets, pillows, socks, and anything to stay nice and cozy!

Two pairs of Christmas socks against to fireplace.
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They also enjoy puzzle books, room décor, perfume or cologne, and anything else you can think of! Something that’s very thoughtful but doesn’t require much is a simple Christmas card with a note wishing that resident a Merry Christmas!


We appreciate anything you do for our residents because we treat them like our own family! We also want to say that it’s not just about our facility, we don’t want any seniors left out!

So, contact as many nursing homes, rehabs, home health services, and hospices as you can to ensure we ALL have a great Christmas! We are so grateful for a wonderful first year and wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

- Stephanie Ross

Thank you to Stephanie Ross for your insight into ways to give to the elderly during the Christmas season.

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