As a "new" resident of Texas (and I put new in quotes since it's coming up on one year for me here--as of July 6th)... One of the adventures I would love to know about from YOU--since you know the state much better than I do--is where to go camping in this great big state? What places have you really liked, and what's been so amazing or special about them? Of course the scenery is high on the list of things that are important for a great place to put down stakes for a weekend.

Another important thing is amenities. What does it have? Is there a lake? Boating? Fishing? Hiking? Do they allow RVs or is it tents, or both? Gotta be a place that's RV-friendly for us. My wife isn't a 'camping in a tent' person, and as we get older neither am I. Not that we have to be "glamping", but just something more comfortable than sleeping on the ground in a sleeping bag (like I did in Boy Scouts as a kid) and something with bathroom accommodations nicer than an outhouse with showers.

Last-if there are activities to participate in like a movie night on Saturday nights where there's an outdoor screen you can lay a blanket down in front of our lawn chair and enjoy a movie--that's also great. Maybe there's a winery that's not too far of a drive where there can be an excursion for some wine tasting. Call in or message us on the station app and tell us the best places to go in Texas!

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