One of the hardest things to do is finding the courage to talk to someone of the opposite sex.  Most people fear rejection while others have absolutely no fear at all.  It's not so much about finding the courage to talk but also where you go to meet someone.  People often say there isn't anywhere here in Victoria to meet someone and I say they need to get out more.  Perhaps put down that video game controller, call a few friends for support and go out and have fun.  

Where do you even start to look?  Well knowing your area would be a good start.  Clubs, parks, social gatherings, concerts, etc.  It also has to do with personal choice. Do you mind big crowds or just like the small town bar scene?


In my opinion, I think the number one spot to find single men or women in the area would be a club.  You can choose between a few places here in Victoria such as Cactus Canyon or Cowgirls.  I recently went into Cowgirls and that was a great atmosphere.  They have the biggest dance floor in Victoria, with drink specials Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  They even have an upstairs overlooking the dance floor.  Cowgirls is open Thursday through Saturday from 8-2 a.m. 18 years old and up on Thursdays and Fridays while Saturday nights is strictly 21 years old and up.  Every girl likes to dance, so start learning.

Cactus Canyon


Schroeder Hall is another great place to meet someone.  They have a concert every Friday and Saturday night which usually hosts Texas Country music.  Put your cowboy boots on and go out there. You're pretty much assured every weekend will have a good crowd which, of course, always makes finding someone a little easier due to having more people to choose from.  Meaning more people that would fit into the category of your "type".


If you enjoy being outdoors, why not go to Riverside Park? It is gigantic and there are always people out running, walking, riding bikes, at a Generals' game enjoying baseball, or at the playground areas.  If you are an outdoorsman that would be perfect since you'd be finding someone that you already know enjoys being outside.  If you see someone that gives you a big smile go talk to them.  Don't be shy as you never know what could happen.


Social gatherings such as a car show, carnivals, home products show, sporting events, the Victoria Livestock Show, etc. are always nice due to once again the amount of people.  If you go out to see the Generals play some baseball they bring in a pretty descent crowd and you know it's always a great feeling to know that person already like sports.  It just gives you a great conversation topic.  The Victoria Livestock show is always a great time.  Remember look for the amount of people, like I said earlier the more people there are, the better chances you have of finding someone with the same interests and more your type.


Victoria Riverside Park

Finally, considering the places I mentioned above, no matter where you go you should always be on the lookout.  Also, like I said just find the courage to go and talk to someone you think looks interesting.  It doesn't matter where you go, if someone gives you a big smile go introduce yourself.  Guys, don't be shy, and girls it's always nice sometimes if you start up the conversation.  Some guys are just simply too shy even if a girl is giving all the signs to go up and talk to her.  I met someone at a gas station of all places.  I go into a certain one everyday and thought this girl was beautiful but I just never really found the courage to get a phone number or just simply asking for a date.  I guess I need to take my own advise sometimes.  I did find the courage to finally say something and Shazam!, it turns out we have a lot in common.

So both of you, guys and gals, need to stop worrying about anything that's going through your mind and just simply go up to him or her and start up a conversation.  Like they say, what's the worst that could happen?  So you get a "no"? Not a big deal. At least you tried and now you have a little more confidence for the next person!  Overall I think no matter where you are, there will always be single people out there.  I guess you can also spot wedding rings, that would be a pretty good indication if someone is single or not.  Just be yourself and always have fun.  You never know who could be watching when you look like you're having a good time.  That shows you have a good personality.  Good luck finding someone!

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