As my burger theme continues as we get closer to Labor Day Weekend. A challenge has arisen.  The Backyard Grill in Cypress is known for its enormous burgers, but "The Beast" is the king of them all.

What is in 'The Beast?' This giant Texas-sized burger challenge involves a 12,000 calorie  SIX-POUND BURGER with EIGHT SLICES OF BACON, FOUR SLICES OF AMERICAN CHEESE, FOUR SLICES OF SWISS CHEESE, MUSHROOMS, JALAPENOS, AND VEGETABLES(see below).  If you can eat this hamburger in less than an hour, it's FREE!   Where is Adam of Man versus Food when you need him LOL.

...and just in case you haven't voted in our Burger Poll, here is your chance, click here.

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Check out this awesome challenge in the below video.

While I probably won't be able to complete this challenge, it might be worth a trip to check out this place. Can you say road trip?

Now I have been to a place in San Antonio called Lulu's, which has been featured on the Food Network.  Lulu's is known for its famous 3-pound cinnamon roll, which I have tried and it is fantastic.  It is also known for a huge Chicken Fried Steak.  Check out these goliaths.

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