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Coming straight out of San Antonio this morning are shocking videos of parents and SA police scuffling on a high school campus. Tensions were at an all-time high as parents of Jefferson High School students and San Antonio police confronted each other on campus after a lockdown ensued over a false active shooter was reported.

Undoubtedly with the tragic story of Uvalde still fresh on the minds of all Texans both parents and police were anxious and scared and sadly the scene escalated quickly all caught on film, leaving us to wonder if fights between parents and police on Texas campuses will be the new normal.

Cameras quickly came out and videos were posted almost immediately after concerned parents tried to take matters into their own hands by storming the campus, garnishing weapons, and one parent even breaking a window with a knife and dangerously injuring himself!

It didn't take long for the clash of authority to escalate.

MySanAntonio offered a first glimpse at the unruliness and fear brought on by false threats. "In a tweet, State Rep. Diego Bernal claimed the school as his alma mater and described another video of officers clashing with parents as, "The new normal in a [sic] Texas." MySanAntonio offered.

Matt Roy

In the Crossroads alone we have heard of several similar false threats made against our local schools in the last few weeks.

How will we react as a community if this continues?




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