As you can imagine, I receive a LOT of promotional music and material. I make a point of listening to all of the music that crosses my desk. You never know who will be the 'next big thing'. When i hear something I like or i think it has potential, I keep it on hand. At this writing, I'm looking at a promotional photo of Eric Church I received some two or two and a half years ago. Sometimes even I'm right.

Eric Church has taken his Blood, Sweat and Beers Tour to another level after selling out the Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado for his upcoming show on May 19th. He has already performed 21 sold-out shows to date, and it’s considered one the biggest production Eric’s ever had. With new pyrotechnics added to the set, Eric has encountered one small incident. Eric told CMT Daily Roundup, “I’ve only had one instance. I had—I burned all the hair off my right arm one night. I had one thing where I was punching and I was trying to time it where as the flames came up, I would punch, and then the flame would come up…but I timed it wrong, and they came at the same time. So, I had no more hair on my arm.”  For Eric, life on the road has also included some down-to-earth moments, as Eric has admitted to walking offstage for diaper duty with his new son Boone, who is travelling on this tour with him. Eric is planning his return to NBC’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon for a performance on March 19th.
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