I don’t blog often but every now and then, I get on a soapbox. I would like some feedback, too.  What did you think of Haley Reinhart’s performance on AI last night? Or, rather, her reaction to the judges’ review of her first performance?

I personally thought she did okay on the first song. I did agree with the judges that she was kind of yelling at the end - I would have called it “excessive growling”- but hey, you say ta-mah-to, I say toe-may-toe! Anyway, overall I like her voice and was a fan. Key word here: WAS.

Here’s where things changed for me. It became very clear that Haley is the only person left on the stage that is incapable of taking constructive criticism. SERIOUSLY! Let’s think about this – NOT ONCE have the judges been “mean” this season. Simon’s gone and so is the “mean”. And it isn’t about AI needing a “mean” judge, but a judge who tells it like it is and isn’t sorry for that. I always look to see how the contestants take the criticism and their reaction plays a big role in how I would vote.

IF Simon had been there – I can’t imagine what Haley would have done. She, all the sudden, in my view, became a brat when she was told something she didn’t like hearing. And the judges start kissing up to her trying to make her feel better???? Really? This is getting even further from the real world of trying to “make it”. When Simon was there, you were getting at least a little dose of how hard it can be and how hard people can be on you as an artist/singer.

And just asking… but what is Steven Tyler’s purpose on that show? To sit there and look half out of it and tell everyone they are “beautiful” and have some here and there comments that make no sense? Don’t get me wrong, I love him as an artist but this isn’t the gig for him. Jennifer – she can give some good advice but is too concerned with hurting feelings. And Randy – it’s like he’s afraid to say what he thinks – he doesn’t want to fill the Simon shoes. I’m sorry, but someone needs to.

Anyway, everyone BUT Haley has my vote at this point. And it didn’t matter how good she did on that last song to me. Her bad attitude changed the game. After all, we are supposed to be voting based on who has the whole package. Lauren, Scotty, and James have all maintained a humble attitude and that matters just as much as a good voice in my book.

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