Kurt Busch and Penske Racing recently parted ways and from what everyone is saying they actually fired him.  It's not proven but come on, look at the season this guy had.  He was just plain mean and immature to most of Nascar, even his own crew.

This guy during the season has been caught verbally abusing his own crew, even the owner of Penske, and berates a reporter waiting for an interview.  I'm sure you can think of many names for Kurt Busch.  Jack Roush fired him back in 2005 and now by Penske.  You would think this guy would learn a lesson.  He has an opportunity that you and I only dream of doing and he throws it away.

He's a great driver but he thinks that he is better than everyone else and I will never understand why and how people can get that way.  Do you think he should get another chance?  A third chance in Nascar?  He has certainly pushed a lot of people away.  Would you call him the T.O.  or Randy Moss of Nascar? Also do you really think he is sincere in this interview/apology/whatever it is?