Food fight!

What started with a woman throwing a watermelon at another woman at a Walmart in Grand Prairie this morning (June 9) turned into a brawl involving multiple people.

I’m not exactly how early it was when the fight broke out, but Dallas Texas TV posted the clip at 9:50, which is waaaay too early for a battle royal. But admittedly, it is a lot of fun to watch.

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The fight starts in the produce section between the two women, but ends up in the meat section with a man, a woman and a young girl joining in, just windmilling away at each other.

Since we don’t know what led up to the fight (and probably never will), one Twitter user had their own theory as to what brought on the Walmart Royal Rumble:

That's a definite possibility, because there's nothing like an affair to get a couple of people fighting.

However, I'm a little more on board with this person:

And this person:

The crazy seems to have spread everywhere these days. It's like since spread of COVID-19 has slowed down, insanity has taken its place.

God help us all.

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