All Out War

Big Tex is nodding his head in shame after a massive brawl broke out at the State Fair of Texas. Crew members of a food stand went to war with a customer, we are talking, all-out attack.

Video of All the Madness

A video circulating social media right now shows the fight going down. The clip rapidly begins after tensions had already been rising. The very first few seconds of the video shows a customer throwing a cup of fountain drink across the counter, right at a crew member.

Retaliation Comes Fast

This of course was not taken kindly and the crew immediately retaliated. Drinks went flying and it was game on. A woman in pink went full force at one crew member in pink plaid. The two were yelling and screaming at each other gearing up for so much more.

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Fast-Acting Man to the Rescue

As other employees at the fair tried to settle down their coworker out of nowhere another item was thrown into the stand, just barely missing an older crew member. Thanks to a quick-acting employee the item was smacked down just inches from an older woman's face.

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Once that item was smacked down you can see the man rushing towards an opening in the stand and crawling out to the crowd, ready to take some real action. The whole thing was a hot mess.

Hot Liquid Gets Thrown at Crowd

Speaking of hot, the employee in pink plaid came back into frame but this time with a bucket of a very hot liquid aiming it at the violent customer. In just “one, two three” she yeeted that bucket of hot liquid right into the crowd.

attachment-Bee4theclout Media (2)

Looks More Like Oil...

Comments are claiming the bucket was full of hot water however, it was yellow-ish and she goes directly to the fryer to fill it back up with hot oil. The bucket could have very well been full of hot greasy oil.

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Fortunately, she was unable to quickly fit the bucket into the fryer to scoop up oil. However, she grabbed something just as hot: greasy hot fries that were crackling in hot oil just a moment before. Again, she yeets the entire basket into the crowd.

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It was a Whole Ordeal

That’s when you can hear people screaming “hey there’s a baby right here.” Eventually, police showed up to try and get the situation calmed. According to the person recording the entire ordeal, the crew member in the pink plaid was the person who started the entire rumble. “It was her, the one in the pink checkered” he shouted as the police asked around for information.

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