A 4-Year-old was out walking with his family on December 8th and fell down an opening to a water-well.  Rescuers said the opening was too small for anyone to go in after him.   Not only was the opening very narrow, but it was also very dark that they couldn't even see the child.  As reported by CBS-DFW, The child was stuck for six hours.  One of the reasons that he was saved is because his body got stuck as it plunged down the well.  The four-year-old was taken by air to a nearby hospital and is currently still recovering.  The well has since been closed and filled with dirt. A big thank you to the first responders from Edinburg, Mission, Pharr, and Starr.  Here is footage of the dramatic rescue via the City of Mission Facebook page.

Some of us remember this same situation back in 1987.  An 18-month old Jessica McClure fell down a well in her aunt's backyard in Midland.  I remember this turning into a worldwide drama and taking over CNN.   Jessica was rescued after 56 hours, she was freed from an 8 inch well casing and was around 22 feet deep, at only 18 months.  It's hard to believe baby Jessica is now 34. Jessica's story and was later featured in a 1989 ABC television movie: Everybody's Baby: The Rescue of Jessica McClure.

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