Hey Texas,

Your license is getting a new look. Have you seen it yet?

The Texas Department of Public Safety unveiled a new design for Texas Drivers Licenses, Texas ID's and Texas Handgun Licences a week ago today with some new features, new designs and more advanced security features to boot.

Texans newest driver's licenses and ID cards are now made out of a poly-carbonate material which has proven to be harder to reproduce and tamper with. The new cards feature laser engraving as a way to add protection against forgeries and alterations. The latest design will also specifically identify if you're a serviceman or woman as well distinguished symbols for veterans and disabled veterans along with the branch of service our military members serve. The new cards also include an insignia designed to identify Texans who have specific health conditions that might hamper their ability to communicate. On a side note, examples of the new hand gun licenses includes quintessential cactus images. Now our licenses will be Texas tough all the way around!

The new cards meet the AAMVA national standards. Additionally per DPS " As with all the DL and ID cards DPS has issued since early October 2016, the new cards will be REAL ID compliant, as noted by the gold star in the upper right corner. Texans without a gold star on their current valid DL/ID card can visit Texas.gov/goldstar to check their eligibility to renew early or request a duplicate card that’s REAL ID compliant. As a reminder, beginning Oct. 1, 2020, you’ll need a valid passport, U.S. military ID or a REAL ID compliant driver license (one with the gold star) to travel on commercial airlines or enter federal facilities." 

Check your license now. Does it have a gold star on the top right corner? Initiated in 2016, The REAL ID included the gold star change. If your license doesn't have a gold star on the top right corner, DPS is still asking Texans to surrender their old license for a new one. If you don't have a gold star, you will not be allowed to travel by air.

The new changes are designed to add additional support to Texans.


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