Another big Texas Lottery winner and this one comes from the small Texas town of Tivoli, Texas. A top prize of $250,000 from the $10 Mega Lotteria was purchased at Tivoli Grocery and claimed on 2/1/24.  The ticket number was #18 in the book, for those of you who keep track of those stats. Play the Texas Lottery responsibly.

(L) Google Maps (R) Texas Lottery
(L) Google Maps (R) Texas Lottery

New App That “Requires” 675 Credit Score Launched in Texas

Yes, you read that right! A new App was launched on Valentine's Day across the Country including Texas. The new App is trying to play matchmaker but only if you have good credit.  The name of the App is "score" and your credit score must be 675 or above.

According to a press release, “Financial wellness often takes a backseat. At Neon Money Club, our mission is to inject financial awareness into the fabric of everyday life. To achieve this, we have to take the conversation to places where it isn’t normally discussed. ‘Score’ by Neon Money Club is our first major attempt at doing this,” said CEO Luke Bailey. "’ Score’ aims to elevate the discussion around financial health, which has remained stagnant for decades." How do you feel about this new App, let us know.

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Texas Woman Accurately Explains TX Speed Limits in Viral Video

Many of us have at least thought one of these things to ourselves while driving in Texas.   I mean for many Texans, the speed limit is a mere suggestion. I mean, how many times have you been going 80 on the Freeway in Houston and someone passes you like you are standing still? The toll roads with a speed limit of 85? I feel if you are not going 100 MPH, you are not driving fast enough. SEE THE VIDEO BELOW.

However, it's the final comment about not speeding through small towns that really hit home. I mean, my dad used to tell me, 'You NEVER speed through Kendelton." Anyone else? I also do not dare speed through Cuero and Refugio, I have gotten multiple speeding tickets in those towns.


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