Attention All Golfers:  please be careful when approaching rivers, ponds, lakes, and oceans.  Or you can go the safe route and by a ball retriever.

I recently went on vacation to Ohio and on my way up there I stopped to visit a few friends of mine in Kentucky.  Of course we went golfing as all my friends know how much I love the game.  This course was a beautiful 27 hole club in the mountains of Kentucky.  The grass was different.  The trees were green including the grass.  The bunkers were in tip top shape.  Then came the 14th hole.

This hole was a beautiful par 3 with a river in front.  I was done putting for my par and looked at my friend and told him I was going to take off my shoes and socks and grab a few golf balls in the river as it was shallow and 5-6 balls were visible.  I took off my shoes, put my left foot in and immediately sank up to my groin area.  It was like quicksand, I couldn't move and everytime I did I sank deeper.

My friend saw that I was in need of help so he tried to pull me out but it wasn't working.  I moved around a little more and then got my right leg stuck in the mud.  Finally after grabbing my buddies hand and him putting all of his weight into it I was out of the quicksand/mud/death.

I then proceeded to go back to the teebox to wash off my shorts with the water cooler and continued our round of golf.  I played the rest of the round with muddy shorts, mud in my groin area, and barefoot.  The picture you see was taken right after it happened.

The tip of the day for golfers is to get a ball retriever.  Kentucky rivers are definitely not like Texas.