Have you had your vehicle VIN Etched yet??? The Crime Prevention Unit is offering this service by appointment every Tuesday morning from 8am to 11am. Call 485-3808 to set up your appointment!

VIN etching is one of the most effective Anti-theft tools available - and we do it for FREE! Most dealerships will charge you upwards of $300 for this - and again, we do it for FREE (thanks to a grant).

Having your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) chemically etched into all of the windows on your vehicle will greatly reduce the chances that your vehicle is stolen. VIN plates on the dash and body of the vehicle are easily altered and replaced, making stolen vehicles very difficult to recover or detect. VIN's etched into the glass of the vehicle, however, are only altered by replacing all of glass, which means less money and more hassle for a potential car thief.  More likely than not, they will leave your vehicle alone and find an easier target!