Over Thanksgiving I traveled up north to see family and I purchased my airline tickets through Southwest.  I have flown Southwest before and it was always easy, convenient, and their fares are usually lower than others.

The flight was weird.  First of all I was one of the last groups so I had to sit all the way in the back by a weird looking very creepy guy who was overweight, but his faced was the creepy part.  He had a jawline like a guy who weighs around 175.  It was really really weird.  There was also a baby crying the whole time.  Two teenage girls talking the whole time.

The flight attendants seemed like they didn't care about their job.  I have never been on a flight where they gave everyone, and I mean everyone a whole can of soda.  They did and next thing I noticed after handing out the drinks all three of them went to the back and talked the rest of the flight.  They were saying how one of them was called in on her day off and she was quite upset.  They were also just complaining a lot about the airline.  Also about other employees of Southwest.

When I say they were talking the whole time I meant it.  They usually pick up everyone's empty cup and trash midway through the flight and that didn't happen until we landed.  It was kind of odd to hold on to your cup and trash when you were told to put your table back up in it's normal position.  Everyone I think was confused like I was.  Then when we were waiting to exit the plane someone farted and it was seriously the worst smell ever.  I have dealt some pretty serious ones in my days but this one literally almost made me vomit.  I bet it was the creepy guy.

Let me know if you have had a similar problem with Southwest recently.  It was the weirdest flight I've ever been on and I have flown many times.