The search is on for the Superdad of the Crossroads area. We asked for you to send us your superdad. We got tons of entries and it was hard for judges to select the top ten. Thank you to everyone who took the time to tell us about their superdad!

The dad with the most votes will win, for their nominated dad, a recliner,  Miller Lite Bean Bag Toss Game, Grill from Miller Lite, $100 to Melvin’s Menswear and $100 gift card to The Sky Restaurant!

Drum Roll please… here are the Top 10 Finalists:

1. Allison Williams submitted Bruce Williams. My dad has always been there to help and support me with what ever I have decieded to do. He has taught me how to cast a rod, shoot a rife, shoot a shotgun, and most importantly shoot a bow. He has been my caddy daddy and also helped coach me through archery to the point I earned a spot on the US archery team. My dad has also become an amazing grandfather to 3. My dad also cooks the most amazing brisket, ribs, and beans! We all call him Batman! He is the best dad. He even helped me with all of my livestock projects even when they involved halter breaking and he got pantsed. I think my dad totally deserves the Super dad award he has gone above and beyond what ever Batman is capable of.

2. Dustin Hinojosa submitted Robert Hinojosa. Our dad is a Calhoun County Lieutenant. He protects the people and the town. Our dad works hard to support his family. Sometimes he stays up all night long when he is working. Even though he is tired, he still makes time for us. He has taught us respect and the importance of hard work.

3.Crystal Martinez submitted Joe Martinez. This Man Is Amazing Dad In Our Kids Eyes!! We Were Teenagers When We Became Parents But No Matter What That Never Stopped Him From Trying his Hardest To Give Our Boys Everything. He Has Soo Many Super Powers But His Main One Is Love He Loves Our Boys More Than Anything He Works Non Stop To Make Sure Our Boys Our Set & Have Everything They Need!! He Always Tells Our Boys To Chase Their Dreams & Don't Let Anyone Get In The Way Of What They Want To Become!! In My Kids Eyes Their Daddy Is Their Super Hero!! We Love You Daddy!!

4. Corina Soliz submitted Robert De Los Santos. My dad is the definition of Superman. He is an amazing person and even better Popo. His superhero is being able to raise three girls, do there hair every morning and keep everything together. To me he is everything and never puts himself first. His superpower is his strength. No matter how tired he is he gets up and works hard everyday. My dad deserves to win because he could use a very special Fathers Day gift!

5.Tami Reyna submitted Stephen Reyna. This Super Dad can reach into the darkest most hallow spaces and pull out a smile! He does it calmly, happily and without harming any other emotion trying to stow away on that smile. He puts a smile on at the hardest toughest times and commits to it for all of his family, we admire him for this Super Power and are grateful he chooses to use it on us. Thank you for reading, it was an honor to out him and share this with you all.

6. Kaylyn King submitted by Joe Yniquez.One of the three superpowers I've seen in Joe would be, no fear. The reason I chose the superpower no fear, is because in having all daughters I've witnessed him showing them that fear is all in the mind and that they can accomplish and be anything they want to be. The second superpower I believe Joe possess for his little girls is Super Strength. The reason I chose super strength is because in all his power, he tries to take away any pain, sadness, fear, tears, etc. and puts it all his shoulders. By doing that he's showing his blessing a better and wiser life, without making the same mistakes he did. The last superpower I believe Joe has is Super Speed. Super speed fits Joe perfectly because he's always on the go, he always manages to make it on time to movies, softball games, & play dates. Joe has many more superpowers, but the three I chose, no fear, super strength, and super speed describes him perfectly as a dad to his beautiful little girls.

7.Kristin Worden submitted Wayne Neble. Great sense of humor and wonderful personality! He can make anyone laugh even when they are feeling down. One of the hardest working men I know. He is the only one in our family working and he works so hard to make sure that we are all taken care of even if it means working from sun up to sun down. He puts everyone first and thinks of himself last and that is a great guy if u ask me! If anyone needs help in anyway he is always the first one there to help in anyways that he can. He is generous, kind hearted and caring. He does so much for our family that we would love to show him how much he means to us!!!

8.Kari Smith submitted Brother Mike Swearingen.My dad is amazing! He has the superpower of compassion! He runs a shelter and pantry for the needy. He also is the father of 12 children. He biologically fathered 4 girls and then adopted 8 more kids. He has a heart of gold and has compassion for so many! I hope I can one day measure up to at least half!

9.Alicia Saucedo submitted by Luis Saucedo. Even thought my father works 12 hour shifts work around the house and on his days off cutting grass wash cars plus do side jobs he always loses sleep to spend time with his 4 kids and never complains about he doesn't have enough sleep my daddy is my super hero and when I grow up I want to be just like him treats us like we were really his yes my father adopted us kids and I love him and appreciate him for him giving his heart to us.

10. Julie Carrasco submitted Johnny Chanek.Our dads super power is the power to support. No matter how old we are, no matter that we can stand on our own two feet, no matter how many times we may stumble and fall....he's always been there to hold us up and see us through to the end.

Voting will end on Thursday,  June 18th  at 5pm and the winner will be announced on Friday, June 19th.

Voting has ended.