BBB Warns Social Media Users to Beware of Phishing Messages
These days almost every social media outlet allows for private messaging. Even Pinterest recently jumped on the messaging bandwagon. The unfortunate side effect is that scammers are quick to jump on too.
When con artists create emails, links or web pages assuming the identity of a trustworthy source …
Earl Pitts 10/30/13: Healthcare Website
Capitol Hill testimony...fingers of blame pointing in all directions...and the government's health care website still doesn't function correctly! Today, Earl examines how the country that gave the world the light bulb, movies, and, yes...computers, can't come up with a fully-functioni…
Earl Pitts 10/15/13: Earl’s New Website
Earl has a new website...hence, the title of this post. Yes, almost everything you've ever wanted to know about Mr. Pitts, and his family and friends, is online. Of course, the launch of was not without a few Obamacare-like glitches!