Broke to Businessman
The Dean's Distinguished Speaker Series continues this evening at UHV.  Listen to Ben Keating talk about going from broke to businessman.  Ben went broke from unemployment in 2001.  Now he owns 14 car dealerships, and insurance company, and advertising agency and a real estate co…
Siri-ous Mistake
I need to make a public correction and an apology.
Earlier this week, I posted a blog titled, "Meet The 'Real' Siri." In it, I referenced a video originally posted on the tech blog theverge.com. The title of the video is, "How Siri Found Its Voice." The video shows the progression…
Great Speech From The Bride’s Father
This has to be one of the best speeches ever given by a bride's father to the man who is about to marry his daughter! This Dad weaves a story of the life of his daughter into just a couple of minutes, as the groom-to-be listens. It is truly heartwarming, inspirational, and--at times--hilarious!