Houston Mom Kicked Out of Pizza Parlor Over Diaper Change
Stay classy, Houston!
A mom and her kids were kicked out of a Houston-area pizza restaurant because one of the kidlings needed a diaper change. As the restaurant's rest room didn't feature a diaper changing table, this resourceful matriarch used what she felt was the only option available t…
Homemade Pizza Seasoning
I love Italian food. My wife says she could put red sauce on an old shoe and I'd probably eat it! One of my favorite things in the wide, wide world is pizza! And a well-made, homemade pizza can sometimes rival (and even surpass) that which you can find at the local pizza joint! So, when I saw t…
Almost Impossible Trivia for 5/7/13
Congratulations to John Conrad of Victoria! He knew the answer to today’s Almost Impossible Trivia Question, and won a couple of yummy Jack In The Box Tacos!
Q:  According to a new study, eating this can reduce your chances of getting cancer. Eating what?
Canadian Pizza Parlor Offers World’s Most Expensive Pie
While there are often stories about ridiculously expensive comfort food — for example the $100 hot dog — it’s hard to tell if anybody actually buys these overpriced dishes.
The folks at Steveston Pizza Company in Vancouver, Canada can confirm at least one person …
You Can’t Make Any Dough… But They Can
It was a hot, April afternoon. After a long morning of doing yardwork and chores around the house, I decided it was time for something cold and refreshing. As I spun through the rolodex in my mind, trying to figure out where to go for a cold drink and some entertainment, a place for people who want …
Free Food Friday Winner!
Lucretia Ragsdale certainly didn't go hungry on Friday when I delivered two free large pizzas from Double Daves to the Law Office of Mike Crain.  She wanted a pepperoni and works pizza so that's exactly what she got!
Enter for your chance to win Free Food Friday from Double Dave&CloseC…
Free Food Friday!
Roxanne Pickett from Nueces  Power Equipment certainly made her co-workers happy today with two large pizzas from Double Daves.
Enter for your chance to win Free Food Friday from Double Dave's and win 2 large pizzas of your choice for you and your friends...