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Martina McBride Writing a Party Planning Book
Martina McBride fans, get ready to party! The country star has revealed that she's in the early stages of a book that will share her tips on entertaining, but it's not a book about her career in music. Instead, the star will dish out advice on planning dinner parties.
Martina McBride’s ‘Evolution’ Turns 15
By 1997, Martina McBride was beginning to assert herself as the premiere female vocalist in country music, but she wouldn’t begin to take home awards until after she released ‘Evolution’ on August 26 of that year. Songs from her fourth studio album won her the Female Vocalist of the Year CMA in 1999…
60 Seconds With Martina McBride
Martina McBride is without a doubt one of the busiest women in country music. In addition to her successful touring and road career, the singer may be Nashville’s most well-known mother. This summer, she took the whole family to Los Angeles for six weeks so daughter Emma could pursue…
Tour Begins Tonught For Two Country Icons
There are big tours and then there are BIG tours. This should prove to be one of the biggest tours in country music history. Of course I'm talking about George Strait and Martina McBride's 2012 tour together. I do, however, see something in the schedule that I find a little strange. T…
How Martina McBride Stays Thin
Think about it... you hardly ever see an overweight country star. I suppose one or two of them appear to be a little "plump"... but for the most part, they look pretty fit. The thing is, they either have to actually watch what they eat, or be able to hide it well.
Martina Likes Hanging Out With George
In an earlier blog I made reference to George Strait and his phenomenal achievements in the field of country music. It just so happens that I ran across a little story about Martina McBride touring with George this year.

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