Earl Pitts 10/24/13: Cruise Fishing
Mr. and Mrs. Pitts went on a cruise recently. Now, when Earl Pitts gets on a boat, it is generally going to involve fishing. So, why should this "boat ride" be any different? Earl didn't seem to think it should. If you missed the story, we have it for you here.
Youth Teen Rush at Traylor Ranch Saturday
There will be a special event for kids this weekend at the Traylor Ranch at Point Comfort.
This event will be for all teens in the area looking for an exciting day.   Come on out and enjoy food, drinks and live entertainment.  A fishing tournament will be held and of course who could forg…
Fishing Bloopers With Bill Dance
Have you ever caught your hat on a hook?  Threw out the anchor and forgot to secure it?  I'm sure we can compile a pretty good list of fishing bloopers from around Victoria!  Has anything like this ever happened to you?
Jumping Asian Carp Make Fishing Way Easier [VIDEO]
Who needs those boring fishing trips where you spend all day waiting for a bite in the blistering heat? In this creek, Asian carp are so densely populated that they literally jump right out of the water and into this family’s boat. It’s sorta terrifying but it definit…