Earl Pitts 11/21/13: Superheroes Are Stupid!
With another "Thor" movie in the theaters, Earl takes aim at superheroes. He's not overly impressed with the entire bunch, be it Superman, Batman, or Spiderman. If you missed hearing his thoughts on the subject, we have 'em for you here!
What If? A Batman And Lion King Parody!
I think it's so creative when random people make a parody of a song, movie, or even a trailer of a movie.  Weird Al is genius when it comes to the songs but what about movie trailers.  These are pretty good especially the Lion King one.  The other ones, well, kind of funny...
Cool Sneak Peek at Bat Wing From New Batman Movie!
This is especially cool due to the fact that the movie is not even out yet or close to being completed.  When it does come out it will be really interesting to see how they actually fit the Batwing in the movie while finishing all of the production.