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Austin is the Best State Capital in the Nation
Everybody loves Austin, Texas. From it being the live music capital of the world to offering some of the best restaurants, scenery, history and culture (not to mention the fact that it's the seat of government), Austin is a great place to live, work and visit, minus the horrible traffic, that i…
The Oldest Bar in Texas Is…
We love to drink so much in Texas, we have our own national beer (Lone Star). Heck, our love of going out for a frothy beverage dates all the way back to 1866 when the first watering hole opened up down in the capitol city of Austin.
Austin Radio ‘Pirates’ Face Stiff Fine From FCC
There's an old Country song titled, "You Gotta Have a License." This is true for any commercial (or non-commercial) radio station in the U.S. Well, a couple in Austin felt that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rules regarding licensing for the FM broadcast band didn't apply to t…
Accident at SXSW Claims 2 Lives
South by Southwest is a huge event and a great opportunity for musicians to be seen and heard by industry professionals every year in Austin. Now tragedy has cast a pall over the festive atmosphere.
RIP Coach Darrell Royal (1924-2012)
The Associated Press and are reporting that Darrell K. Royal, the former Texas football coach known as much for his folksy, simplistic approach to life as for his creative wishbone offenses and two national championships, has died. He was 88.