As most of you in the crossroads know February is carnival time in Victoria.  I for one enjoy SOME of the rides, and then there is some that I am like NOPE!  I don't do the Zipper or Kamikaze.  The aspect that those rides came in on 18-wheelers and are put together over and over again makes me a little nervous.  Now that I have a family I get on most of the rides now.  However, I do feel a little queasy after those few rides, I guess I am getting old LOL.  I do however get on the "big" rides at theme parks, with a little coaxing of course.  The carnival is where I met my wife of now, 15 plus years.  I do owe her for taking the "scaredy cat" out of me.  I guess that is what happens when you are a, "momma's boy" growing up :)!