Show business is tough. Just as quickly as your lifelong dream becomes real, it can be shattered. It's not for the weak of heart. One of our very own 'Victorians' can tell you all about it. As reported by the Victoria Advocate, Victoria-raised Noel Wells has been cut from "Saturday Night Live." SNL chose not to renew Wells' contract, according to Entertainment Weekly. Wells was the only female cast member to join this past September and was best known for her impersonations of Lena Dunham from the HBO series "Girls." She also did impersonations of Emma Stone and Nancy Grace. Since the age of 12, Wells said she was going to be on SNL, her aunt Melinda Wells Ranjel said in a past Advocate story.

Noel is an extremely talented young woman and we are sure she will land on her feet.

John Milhiser, who was also part of the fall cast, also won't be returning.