The press conference with Victoria County Sheriff T. Michael O’Connor has just wrapped up. O’Connor stated that at approximately 8PM last night a report was made to his office regarding a missing child. Deputies arrived at about 8:07 at the child’s residence on Old Goliad Road and soon after that multiple search and rescue teams assisted the Victoria County Sheriff’s office. Weather conditions last night and early this morning forced volunteers from the search and they were asked to return to the scene at first light. Deputies continued to canvass the area in search of 4 year old Kyler Johnson.

According to O’Connor, at approximately 10:30 this morning a neighbor near the Johnson household called and said he had found the child in his backyard. The toddler was found dead at the scene at a distance “not that far from his (Johnson’s) home.” O’Connor stressed that the investigation is still ongoing and that he wants to be factual in reporting the incidents surrounding the child’s death. O’Connor stated that he still being briefed about information being gathered at the crime scene.

At this point in the investigation, Sheriff O’Connor considers any information about a dog mauling of the child to be unofficial. O’Connor stressed that the last thing law enforcement wants to do is second guess anything in the investigation and that as more information is gathered and confirmed it will be released to media outlets. During the press conference, O’Connor stated he would not go off record to discuss information about the case and that he considered himself to be up front in the release of information to the media.

Prior to finding the body of the 4 year old child, O’Connor stated that the first priority was to find the child and return him to the home safely, but unfortunately this was not the case.

Another press conference is scheduled for 4PM today