That's right, unfortunately no more cheating in the great board game Monopoly.  A new version of the game will be coming out later this year.  This version though will not have any money, community chest, or chance cards.  Basically they are doing away with paper.

A ten-inch tower will be placed in the middle of the board game monitoring your every move.  It can detect if you move too many spaces, will give out instructions to players, and even roll the dice for you.  The only aspect of the game that will not change are the properties.  You still have control where you want to place your houses or hotels on the board.

Here's my only problem with this new version.  NO MORE CHEATING.  I used to win all the time playing this game and of course I cheated.  Before my friends or family would begin a game I would sneak into the box and take out a pretty good chunk of change, hide it, and use it when needed.  Hey, we've all cheated in games, I was just really good at cheating in this particular one.  Of course it was a good feeling at the end when all my friends thought I was a Monopoly genius.

A few more issues with this game that will come up is the ability to count your own money.  Now they will be using ATM cards to stick into the tower to keep track of your money.  I don't know about you but that was an excellent way to educate yourself when dealing with money, handling money, and simply counting.

The old version also made you learn how to negotiate and barter with the other players and trading properties.  It was also fun to roll the dice.  Will the tower also keep track of Free Parking?

It will certainly be interesting to see if people will purchase the new upgraded version or keep it traditional by using the paper money, cards, dice, and the ability to cheat!