Double Dave's Pizza Works is the first in Victoria to bring us new technology for you soda drinkers out there.  It's not only for soda drinkers but also for people that enjoy Powerade, Minute Maid, Hi-C, and even water.  It's the latest and greatest form of technology from the Coca-Cola Company.

I tested it out earlier and I was more than impressed.  I tried peach Mello-Yello, orange Coca-Cola, raspberry Coca Cola, and even strawberry Sprite.  The possibilities are endless with this new machine.  Do you remember suicide's as a kid where you mix up all different sodas into one glass?  Well you can do that with this, but with more options.

They literally have so many options to make your own style drink I thought I would give out a couple medium pizzas from Double Dave's to the person that comes up with the best combination!  So let me know what drink you came up with and I will judge by tasting it for myself and if I like it, you win!  On a side note I'm a big fan of Mello Yello, cherry Coke, Root Beer, and even Peach flavored soda.  I'm not saying use that specific combination, just letting you know my favorite kinds.  Good Luck!

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