I never toured Europe (not with a band, anyway), but stories like this this make me miss the road a little. It's got to be a hoot to tour with Brad Paisley and his bunch.  As famous as Brad is in the United States, it's probably hard for him to just walk around a city where he is appearing. But apparently, that's not a problem in London.

Brad Paisley rocked London’s O2 Arena this past week for a full house of British fans. The show’s encore brought the audience a huge surprise as Rolling Stones legend Ronnie Wood joined Brad to perform “Let the Good Times Roll” and “Alcohol” with Darius Rucker. Brad says he loves playing for the fans in England. “There’s a really great audience there, and there may not be a lot of people that love country music, but if there’s several thousand, they’re all going when you go play there. I mean, no one in the city knows who you are when you walk through except the people lined up. The best time to walk around in London is when they’re lining up for your show, because that’s it.  That’s the only people who care about you. And they’re out in front of the theater. Go out the back and you can just go anywhere you want.” Brad’s European tour continues this weekend with three shows in Ireland and four shows in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark next week.

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