Ratcatchers Day

You’d think that this holiday is to celebrate exterminators. Well, you are half right. It is actually to commemorate the Pied Piper of Hamelin (Germany), who was one of the most infamous Ratcatchers. He had magic music on his pipe/flute that would lure rats out of the city. When the town didn’t pay him, he used the magic to lure the children out of the city, never to return. What is your grossest rodent experience? Do you get rid of the rodents yourself or an exterminator/ratcatcher?

Hammock Day

It’s the summer, and you're exhausted. Sit in the shade on your hammock, breathe and relax! The exact origins of the hammock are unknown, but some say its origin is somewhere in South America. Others say Ancient Greece. No matter where it is, they’re all relaxed. Where is your ideal relaxing spot? How much are you willing to spend for a hammock?