Yesterday, a nice lady (whose name I did not get--sorry!) came by the radio station, selling homemade tamales. Now, I like them just fine, but my wife, Sweetie, just LOVES tamales! It's traditional around the Christmas season for folks to make and sell homemade tamales, most often to raise a little extra money for the Holidays.

I think this is a wonderful way for folks to help with the costs associated with gift-giving, etc., during the season! This lady was asking $10 for a dozen, and I could choose from pork or beef, spicy or not. As my tongue is still developing its "Texas toughness," I chose mild, with pork. I figure if my wife would like them to be more spicy (which I'm sure she will...she's better with spicy foods than I am, generally speaking), then she can add some hot sauce! We haven't had them yet as of my writing this, but when we do, I'll report back on how they were.