I have always been really interested in science but don't really understand most of it.  Who really does?  This on the other hand is something that could easily be applied to our everyday lives. 

<--------Look it's a super conductor

You can use this for a subway system that relies on this sort of science and produce enough magnets for a rail system.  How about a hoverboard?  Marty McFly's hoverboard looked super cool back in the 90's but we might actually be able to use one before our time is up.  Or before 2012, BUT WAIT!  The world can't end in 2012 because obviously Marty McFly has been to 2015 so there. 

Other uses could be aircraft, or in space since it's already cold there.  You wouldn't have to worry about fuel for any vehicles that would be on the moon, Mars, or for any other space explorations.  The opportunities are endless with this discovery but will take a lot more time and money to produce something like this.  How awesome would it be to have a roads of magnets for hovering vehicles in the future?

Could this solve our oil problem in the future.  Forget about electric cars, I want a hovercraft!  If you figure out how to do this at room temperature your the big winner!