I've never been very good at photography on either side of the camera, so I am sincerely impressed by folks that have a knack for it. Hallie Horelka obviously has that knack.

The reaction on 5-year-old Kinsley Martin's face captures something many of us can barely remember -- a true summer filled with youth and innocence.

The photo was shot by Hallie Horelka, the best friend of Kinsley's mother. Kinsley's parents are Bryan and Kelley Martin, of Edna. "She was vacationing with my parents in Inez and my mom had bought her a Slip-N'-Slide earlier that day, and she just couldn't wait to use it," Horelka told the Victoria Advocate. Horelka's parents are like grandparents to Kinsley, she added.

The photo has everything you could ask for -- a fantastic reaction and great composition. Of course, it perfectly fits the summer fun theme.