This video is definitely one of the neatest things to ever see.  This is what astronauts see when they go to space and I am amazed by how much Earth is lit up at night,  as well as the lightning that you can see from the view.  The little yellow line going around Earth is actually the ionosphere.  One thing I am surprised about though is the fact that stars seem to be just as bright when being viewed from Earth compared to a satellite.  I'm sure you can see the stars a lot better and clearer from space, I just figured they would appear bigger.  Plus, notice how bright the sun is toward the end of the video.  You definitely don't want to stare at the sun when your in space. 

So I guess we all learned something today.  Don't stare at the sun on Earth or in space and the planet Earth truly is amazing.  Its amazing to see lightning in places that far apart at the same time. To see the thin layer that protects the Earth, and the lights from the cities as well.  I wish I would have been an astronaut.