Wow! This looks cool! (No pun intended...well, okay, maybe a little!) If you're a DIY'er--or are looking for an easy, practical project to get started on your way to becoming one--this looks like just the project! And with summer coming soon, this looks very practical, too! It's an ice-cooled air conditioner made from a 5-gallon paint bucket!I saw this linked on Facebook, from

Ever had to deal with a power blackout during the hot summer months? Then you know just how important keeping cool can be.


Over on The Good Survivalist we found a great tip to save you money and keep you cool:


Seems every year people die due to heat. Keeping your home cool in the summer can be very expensive if you use your air conditioner. This air conditioner is very simple to make, and can be made in a few minutes if you are handy.


Even if you are not handy you’ll be able to make one of these DIY air conditioners. One of the nice things about this air conditioner is that it will give you up to 6 hours of coolness. This thing works so well you may need to put on a sweatshirt! To make one of these babies you need a few simple tools, a couple of 5 gallon buckets, along with a few other items. Everything is shown in the video.

This looks easy enough, and it just might help to cut down on your energy bill this summer!

(via Super-Easy DIY: Make A $454 Air Conditioner For About $15! | Truth And Action.)