photo by Rob Garrett
Sometimes I forget that a lot of you may be coupon newbies, so I hope I have not confused anyone. I thought I would back up a little and give some basic tips for the beginners.  If anyone has questions please just ask, I am always on facebook and checking the KIXS site and fb page.

Where to find coupons?  There are several different ways to get coupons.

Sunday Paper...... Proctor & Gamble (PG), Redplum (RP), Smartsource (SS)

Magazines ..... All You, is a great one and is sold only at Walmart.

Printable,, , are great places to find these.

Tearpads ......found in the stores hanging from the shelves, these are for you to take and use.

Blinkies .......found in a little machine that usually has a blinking light.

Products......when you purchase some items there are coupons inside.

Peelies ....usually found on the outside of a product.

Catalinas .....printed at the register when you check out and usually for an item that you purchased.

1) Be sure you start out slow and take your time.  It will get easier as you continue to use coupons. Look over the local sale ad for your store, write down the items you MUST purchase NOW.  Then go back and look through your coupons to see if you have any that can be used.
2) Be organized..... sit down the night before you plan on shopping and gather coupons for your trip.
3) Print store coupon policies and take them with you.
4) Only buy items you need, stockpile when an item is FREE or NEARLY FREE.

Just a few tips to help you get started. Enjoy