I actually played golf with Mr. Drake yesterday for the 30th Annual Bluebonnet Youth Ranch Celebrity Golf Tournament.  It was an amazing event and definitely for a great cause. 

Dusty Drake is actually a Country Music Artist and definitely not a golfer.  He was there to ensure we had a great time that's for sure.  Really awesome guy and you might remember him from his hit singles, "And Then", "One Last Time", "I Am The Working Man" and the list goes on and on.  A superb songwrighter as well.  He has opened up for Brooks and Dunn and Kenny Chesney, and even gave Taylor Swift advise before she was even as popular as she is now.  Taylor actually opened up for him. 

The man has an amazing voice as he was singing quite a bit out on the golf course and even went up to a few ladies at the tournament and started singing to them.  The man has not lost his voice but his golf game has been gone for years.  Like I said before, he knows how to have a great time and overall a super nice guy. 

The Showdown and Dance at Schroeder Hall last night was simply amazing.  I am definitely looking forward to the 31st Annual Bluebonnet Youth Ranch Celebrity Golf Tournament!