Joining me on the show Wednesday morning was Carlos Salas, which basically meant you had two goofballs on air.  Carlos is a Victoria native and graduated in 1984 from Victoria High School(where are all those old school Stings at?)  Right now he runs Gone Bananas and Dodge City and very involved on taking these two places to the next level.  He also tried his dynamic spanish speaking voice on air FAIL, LOL.  Carlos is happily married with three children and a great role model,  Showing his kids that you can do anything if you put your mind to it.  He graduated college in his mid 40s, way to go Carlos!  He recently went to see ZZ Top in concert, and sat next to a feisty older lady, who just started to hit him for no reason at all.  Don't worry he had his "bodyguard" to help fend her off, and when I say body guard I mean his wife, LOL.  He is very proud of the live music spot Dodge city has become, and has some great shows on tap for 2016.  As usual it was a ton of fun and I invite you to join the show with me on Wednesday morning, get all the datials at KIXS.COM or email me at