Co-host Wednesday continued this morning with Anna Salas joining me on the show.  Anna is a 1994 graduate of St. Joseph and has been a part of that school since then.  She is director of the St. Joseph Starlighters, and also is director of the Texas Stars dance team  and owns Victoria All Stars Dance Academy.  She has two favorite men in country music:  Garth Brooks and Kevin Fowler, with Roger Creager a close second.  She was a little nervous at first, but when the mic opened up her professional voice took over!  Considering she hates talking on the mic, she did a phenomenal job this morning.  We also found out that she is huge Friends fan, and pretty much knows every episode word for word.  So I started to talk about losing a little weight that I have gained since I started working at the radio station, and apparently I inadvertently volunteered to workout with the Starlighters. This outta be really good.  Anna did a great job this morning, would you like to join me on the show?  Register here.