Universal Studios And You! Have A Wine Cooler!
I have always wondered what it would be like to tour Universal Studios.  I think it would also be fun to be an actor with all of the different sets, props, and characters.  I'm wondering what they have planned for the future?
Just like you see in the video, they are a little …
What Is Parkour?
What is it?  I've heard of hardcore parkour so I did some research.  I've known about this for awhile now but I never knew what it was actually called.  Very impressive my friends.  I don't know what basically goes through the minds of people doing this but I have …
2011 Lighted Christmas Parade!
Just in case you missed the 2011 lighted Christmas parade this year I have you covered.  It was truly an amazing event as there were around 130 entries this year.  Many different schools, car clubs, bike clubs, and different organizations who participated and they all showed their Christma…
An Adventure Through Hershey World!
I recently went on vacation and passed through Hershey Pennsylvania which was an amazing place to visit.  They even had Hershey Kisses for street lights.  A part of Hershey was Hershey World, where they explained how their products are made during a short ride through a part of the factory…
Worlds Largest Reese’s!
That right there my friends is a stomach ache waiting to happen.  I recently went to visit my sister in York Pennsylvania and we decided to tour Hershey Pennsylvania.  It was amazing to see how chocolate is actually made!
After a few tours of the factory I headed down to the gift shop and w…
Keeping Our Troops Safe, And Warm!
You see that right there.  That my Texans is snow.  Not in the U.S. but in the Middle East.  I have a friend that allowed me to use this picture.  Bruce is a soldier for the Army and he sent this to saying how he missed home and hot showers...
NYC Opens Casino
You now have another option for gambling.  In New York City, they just opened their first casino.  That's right, you don't have to go to Louisiana or Las Vegas for a good time now.  How about killing two birds with one stone?  Gambling and sight seeing in NYC...
Is This A Flux-Capacitor?
I have always been really interested in science but don't really understand most of it.  Who really does?  This on the other hand is something that could easily be applied to our everyday lives. 
<--------Look it's a super conductor
Woman Walks From California to New York City [VIDEO]
When it comes to walking across the country from California to New York, “for the heck of it” is as good a reason as any. In fact, in an age where publicity and profit seem to be much more common motives for this type of quest, 24-year-old Catherine Li&CloseCurl…
TSA Searches Woman’s Afro at Atlanta Airport [VIDEO]
Headed down an escalator at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta, Dallas-based hairdresser Isis Brantley (who counts neo-soul singer Erykah Badu as a client) was stopped by TSA agents who insisted on checking her ample Afro hairstyle for explosives.
Ever Wanted To Fly In Space? Here You Can!
This video is definitely one of the neatest things to ever see.  This is what astronauts see when they go to space and I am amazed by how much Earth is lit up at night,  as well as the lightning that you can see from the view.

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