Top 15 Small Cities In Texas
Texans are known for being proud. We're proud of our state's history, its people and its current position as one of the leading economic powerhouses in the entire USA. We have six cities listed in the top 20 cities in the United States by population. But we also have some of the coolest, most charmi…
Hidden Features in iOS 7
I blogged yesterday about Apple releasing their updated iOS 7 operating system for iDevices. Well, I not only updated my iPhone 5, but later Wednesday evening I was able to update my iPad as well. That one went very smoothly. Of course, with the release of the first major overhaul of the iOS in a lo…
How Did Your iOS 7 Update Go?
Like so many other users of Apple products, I anxiously awaited the release of the newest operating system update for the iPhones/iPads/iPods, iOS7. I had seen a couple of Facebook posts of articles--both pro and con--regarding whether or not one should download and install the update right away, or…
Brothers Osborne, ‘Let’s Go There’ – Song Review
The most important thing a new artist can do is quickly distinguish themselves, and Brothers Osborne do that on their debut single 'Let's Go There.' While not a great lyric, their vocal sound and the bluesy arrangement make this a track to keep coming back to.
Morgan Frazier, ‘Hey Bully’ – Song Review
Morgan Frazier's new single 'Hey Bully' is a neat and tidy soundtrack for an anti-bullying PSA. The singer shares a story she seems intimately familiar with, but the scattered lyrics don't quite latch on as tightly as one hopes.
Jason Michael Carroll, ‘Close Enough’ – Song Review
Jason Michael Carroll pulls back the production to reveal a new sensitivity in his single 'Close Enough.' The singer has a unique way of taking a phrase and turning, twisting and shaping it to mean several different things within a three-minute song. It's a talent that's on displ…
American Young, ‘Love Is War’ – Song Review
There's an easy sweetness to American Young's harmonies. On their debut single 'Love Is War,' the duo does more than just mirror one another. Jon Stone and Kristy Osmunson are two distinct, yet compatible halves of a truly unique piece of country fruit.

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