Earl Pitts

Earl Pitts 11/26/13: The Holiday Table
Earl's ol' lady, Pearl, loves to decorate the Pitts house for the Holidays. Earl thinks that's all well and good, except for the dining table. It becomes the "centerpiece" of the decorations, and pretty much unusable for its main purpose: dining. Earl shares his thou…
Earl Pitts 11/25/13: Moonshiners On TV
Mr. Pitts loves a good reality TV show as much as anyone. But there's one that has him twisted up in knots. The show, "Moonshiners," features people making, well, moonshine (illegal liquor), and law enforcement trying to catch them in the act of brewing/transporting/selling th…
Earl Pitts 11/22/13: Shopping On Thanksgiving
Earl feels we're losing so many of our great traditions...take Black Friday, for instance. It's no longer enough for retailers to open early on the Friday following Thanksgiving Day; now, many stores--large and small--are opening ON Thanksgiving! See why Earl feels this is a horrible, horr…
Earl Pitts 11/21/13: Superheroes Are Stupid!
With another "Thor" movie in the theaters, Earl takes aim at superheroes. He's not overly impressed with the entire bunch, be it Superman, Batman, or Spiderman. If you missed hearing his thoughts on the subject, we have 'em for you here!
Earl Pitts 11/20/13: Moustache November
Whether it's "No-Shave November," "Mo-Vember," or whatever you want to call it, the fairly recent practice of growing facial hair to raise awareness and/or money for various charities seems to be catching on in popularity with each passing year. So, Earl asks, "Why do only m…
Earl Pitts 11/19/13: Fast Cross Country
Earl has some thoughts on a recent cross-country driving record. Would Earl and his buddies at the Duck Inn attempt such foolishness? Oh, they might consider it...for a few minutes. But Earl offers up some pretty good reasons why they probably wouldn't succeed. Hear them for yourself!
Earl Pitts 11/18/13: Man Brain Memory
Earl is of the opinion that every guy--from the President of the United States to guys like you and me--have a problem remembering lots of things. Like, what a movie we saw was about, or how badly your website launch actually went. If you missed this morning's episode, we have it for you here!
Earl Pitts 11/15/13: Food Allergies
Earl is suspicious of food allergies. Schools these days are quite often "peanut-free zones." But Mr. Pitts believes there may be more to the recent trend of kids being "allergic" to certain foods. If you missed it this morning, you can listen here!
Earl Pitts 11/14/13: Macy’s Open Thanksgiving
Over the past few years, many large (and some smaller) retailers have begun kicking off the "Black Friday" Holidays shopping season by opening on Thanksgiving night! This year, Macy's and JC Penney announced that they would be joining in what some are calling "Christmas Creep." E…
Earl Pitts 11/13/13: Calling The Cops
Neighbors...they can be nice, friendly, and a real positive addition to a neighborhood. However, some neighbors aren't quite so "neighborly." In fact. sometimes it becomes necessary to get law enforcement involved in situations where your neighbors have crossed the line. How do you know wh…
Earl Pitts 11/12/13: Disrespect From A Waiter
We all appreciate good service at a restaurant. A friendly, professional server makes the dining experience more pleasurable. There are, however, those waiters/waitresses who occasionally go a little overboard on the congeniality and familiarity. Earl can't stand 'em. In today's episode, he unloads …
Earl Pitts 11/11/13: “Quitting” Advice
It seems that Earl's son, "E.J." (for Earl, Jr.) has a dilemma on his hands. E.J. wants to quit the football team, but Earl has some life lessons to impart to his son. However, Earl may actually learn a lesson from E.J.! If you missed it, we have it for you here!

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