Casey James is another of a group of young country artists with their eyes on the prize. Casey is an 'American Idol' alumnus from the 2010 season. He also happens to be from Fort Worth. Do you know who he is? If not, you're in luck. You can see Casey James on television tomorrow!!

Casey James’ self-titled debut album hits stores today! In support of his new CD, he’s scheduled an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show tomorrow (3/21), where he’ll perform his single “Let’s Don’t Call It a Night.” When being interviewed by CMT Daily Roundup, Casey said, “I’m super-excited, yes! It’s gonna be a great day man, it’ll be great! I love her, I love her show, and you know she’s always great. It’s gonna be a blast to you know, go out there and do the song!” In addition to writing most of the songs, Casey co-produced the album and played guitar on all the tracks.
You can hear Casey James every day on KIXS 108.