Are you ready for the playoffs. I sure am as the Yankees came out on top of the American League. Boston is struggling to even make an appearance and that makes me extremely happy.  The 2011 regular season ends tomorrow, but a 163rd game may need to be played on Thursday to decide the final two playoff berths.

The New York Yankees and Philadelphia Phillies are the No. 1 seeds and hold home-field advantage in the AL and NL.  In the AL, the Boston Red Sox and Tampa Bay Rays have identical 89-71 records with two games remaining. In the NL, the Atlanta Braves (89-71) have a one game lead of the St. Louis Cardinals (88-72).

If the Red Sox-Rays tie, Tampa Bay would host the tiebreaker game, by virtue of their 12-6 regular-season series record over the Red Sox.  If the Braves-Cardinals tie, St. Louis would host, by virtue of their 5-1 regular-season series record over the Braves.

Going back to the Red Sox and talking about a horrible September. They lost 17 games this month and as of today they are tied with the Rays going into the end of the season. If they Rays win the Sox are out, if the Sox with the Rays are out.

Here's the kicker. The Yankees are actually playing the Rays tonight and tomorrow for the final two games.  The Rays beat the Yankees last night 5-2 which gave us this exciting moment in baseball.  Will the Yankees purposely lose the last two games to ensure Boston does not go to the playoffs?  I absolutely love that idea. Anything to destroy the Sox is good with me. But then again why send them packing when they are playing like this.

The Red Sox have a horrible record in September, they just lost to the last place Orioles, Crawford doesn't appear like a threat anymore. So with that being said, even if the Sox win they won't make it past the Rangers, and if the Rays win that leaves out the Red Sox and that is always a good thing if your a Yankees fan. It will be an interesting last few days of the 2011 season.  Don't be surprised if the Yankees lose to the Rays the last two games.

One more thing, the Rangers clinched the division for the second year in a row!  That was without Cliff Lee.