According to HEB is the best grocery store in the United States.  If you are from Texas, the above picture needs no caption at all.  HEB has become a Texas icon.  Whether you know it as in the traditional sense of Howard E. Butt, or as the more recently coined "Here Everything's Better."  In the past ten years their private label brand has really set a standard in the industry, also known as ready to cook/eat.  If you have lived in Victoria you have seen HEB grow.   Did you know that HEB started in Victoria with a downtown location  on Main street back in the day!  HEB has also been referred to as a great place to work.  If you shop there you know the own brand ranks right up there with those national brands, and yes it is more affordable.   You know you can find a good deal with the hundreds of store coupons they release every week.  Free samples galore, they even cater to the kids with the whole buddy buck thing.  You can even gas up and get your car washed on your trip to get the groceries.  In Texas everything is bigger and better and that is why HEB call Texas it's home.