Folks who know me know that I really LIKE Country music! From the days of playing in my first Country bands to becoming a Country radio personality, I've been a serious 'student' of the music, its history, and the people who make it. Certain places, instruments and artifacts connected with Country's rich history are almost "sacred" to me. In the mid-1990's, I worked on the air in Bakersfield, CA at a station owned by the late, great Buck Owens. One of Buck's biggest--and most beloved--hits with his band, The Buckaroos, was the classic, "Together Again." The pedal steel guitar break on the original recording was played by Tom Brumley. Tom spent the last few years of his life in San Antonio, where he passed away in 2009.

A few months ago, I saw a posting on Facebook by Tom's widow, Rolene. Here is that photo, along with her description of it:

This is Toms "Together Again" bar. About a month or so before he passed he was looking for some picks or something and he looked up and said "this is my Together Again bar" I said "give it to me and I put it in a box and named it!!! So happy he told me, I would have never known which one it was....

There it is, folks: the very bar used by Tom Brumley to bend those notes on what Buck called, "The greatest steel guitar break ever recorded..." Now, watch and listen to Buck & his Buckaroos, with Tom Brumley on pedal steel guitar, with "Together Again."

Photo courtesy of Rolene Brumley