South Carolina is apparently in the midst of a zombie attack.

At least they are if we go solely by the warnings provided earlier this week by construction signs near the South Carolina-North Carolina state line on S.C. Highway 160 near Fort Hill, SC.

While the actual event of construction signs being changed to warn of impending zombie attacks is not unheard of, the two signs on this particular stretch of highway specifically warned not only of "Zombies Ahead" but to "Watch for Hunters" and "Be Alert for Tanks". Fans of the Left 4 Dead video game series (like myself) would most certainly have been much more alert after the warnings.

The signs were in place to warn drivers of upcoming construction on March 27th.

Local officials and the construction company the signs belong to are uncertain of how they were reprogrammed. Considering that a much less humorous (and potentially more dangerous) message could have been posted by the culprits, they're more concerned with preventing future tamperings than with apprehending whoever was responsible for what they are calling a prank.